Carlin Park Families Received Notice of Staffer Who Tested Positive for COVID-19
Friday, August 7, 2020

ANGOLA, IN - Out of an abundance of caution Carlin Park Elementary Principal, Mr. John Curtis, reached out to inform school families a member of the school’s custodial staff tested positive for COVID-19.

Curtis said they are working closely with the Steuben County Health Board and were able to successfully complete contact tracing protocols on Wednesday. Curtis said no students or teachers have been exposed.

Mr. Curtis said Carlin Park Elementary will continue to work closely with the Steuben County Health Department to ensure everyone's safety. In addition, he said they will continue to keep everyone informed of any further developments.

Carlin Park and the MSD of Steuben County have been diligently focused on safety due to the coronavirus pandemic. This incident has been isolated and no plans have been made to delay school at this time.

Existing safety measures, contact tracing, and quick action by school officials will allow the district to continue to move forward.


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