Indiana’s College Completion Trends Improve & Grow
Friday, August 7, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana’s new 2020 College Completion Report
from the Indiana Commission for Higher Education highlights
improving college graduation rates for the state as a whole, but shows
a widening on-time completion gaps for Black and Hispanic students.

The state measures college completion in two ways: on-time
completion (students graduate within two years for an associate
degree or four years for a bachelor’s degree) and extended-time
completion (students graduate within six years of beginning any
degree program). New data reveal upward trends for both on-time
and extended-time completion rates for two- and four-year campuses
in Indiana.

Over 42 percent of all Hoosier college students graduated on time in
2019, while nearly two-thirds (62 percent) of all students graduate
within six years. The data show increases in both metrics over the
previous year and with five-year gains of more than 13 percentage
points in on-time graduation and almost six percentage points in
extended completion.


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