Driving Cards For Undocumented Immigrants A Bipartisan Consideration By Indiana Lawmakers
Monday, September 26, 2022

INDIANAPOLIS — A bipartisan group of Indiana lawmakers wants to allow undocumented immigrants living in the Hoosier State to be able to obtain driving cards.

Lawmakers heard public input on the idea during a study committee meeting.

Although originally tailored by Democrats, a growing number of Republicans support the measure.

So far, 16 other states have launched similar programs. Indiana lawmakers are looking at modeling next year’s bill after a law recently approved in Utah.

Under the proposal that’s been made in Indiana, the driving card cannot be used to drive outside the state or as ID for any other purposes, such as voting. Only those who have lived in Indiana for at least five years would be eligible to obtain a driving card.

Several lawmakers from both parties spoke in support of the proposal during the study meeting.

It’s too early to tell if a bill will be able to move forward next session.


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