Elkhart Plays Host To RV Industry Gathering
By: Sheila McCrea - Saturday, May 13, 2023

ELKHART, IN - Hundreds of people gathered at the RVMH Hall of Fame Museum in Elkhart for the annual RV Power Breakfast.

It was attended by notable figures like Indiana Lieutenant Governor, Suzanne Crouch, Governor Eric J. Holcomb and the Mayor of Elkhart Rod Roberson. They all gathered to talk about the future of the RV industry.

"It's not just a source of economic benefit to Indiana, but also a source of pride and to think about what the RV industry has faced over the decades, the mayor talked about resiliency, you heard the word dominance," said Governor Eric J. Holcomb.

According to Lt. Gov Suzanne Crouch, the RV industry generates around $34 billion in Elkhart, and even with the fear of economic downturn, Hoosiers still remain positive about the future of the RV industry.


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