Dead Fish At Clear Lake Being Monitored By Indiana Department of Natural Resources
Tuesday, August 16, 2022

CLEAR LAKE, IN — The Indiana Department of Natural Resources made a visited to Clear Lake in Steuben County after receiving multiple reports from residents of numerous dead fish.

The initial report from Lake residence came on Thursday, August 4th.

After conducting an investigation, the DNR concluded there were roughly 500 dead fish in the lake. Reports indicate the fish died from natural causes.

The DNR cited the weather during the reporting period, which had been mostly hot and dry, as the main reasons the fish kill happened. They also said the warm water temperatures were contributing factors.

According to the DBR, the fish kill’s threat to public health is considered very low. DNR officials recommend using common sense when using natural waterways during any period of hot weather.

DNR Biologists will continue to monitor Clear Lake in for any continuation or changes.


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